Tiem Giay Hoai Co

Brand Identity
Marketing Design

Brand Concept
Tiem Giay Hoai Co is a soccer shoe store that emphasizes second-hand items. In Vietnamese, Tiem Giay means shoe store, while Hoai Co means nostalgia. 

The creative strategy is transforming TGHC from a usual store that sells shoes to a place that helps customers to flash back memories about soccer culture and to qualify used products.
Tagline: Đá không hay nhưng giày phải đẹp - Nice pair of shoes is a must, good soccer skills are plus

The tagline is a humourous way to attract our target audiences and encourage them that every soccer lover deserves a nice pair of shoes, a close-knit "friend" that support them on the green field throughout the time. 

Typefaces & Color Palette

Logo & Packaging

Marketing Application

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