Personal Branding ︎

Brand name:
Meenimalism - an anagram of my English name - Mee, and the phrase minimalism - presents my working style: minimalize complex problems and make them appealing to the clients and audience.
I also consider a comma a part of my brand name because a comma is a symbol of a slight pause, not a stop. My creative journey has never been a flower road, but I will take a break sometimes instead of giving up.

Visual concept
I experimented with multiple visual references on the symbol, typography, and color palette to visualize different aspects of myself, including personality, working style, and lifelong objective.  
The logo symbol expresses my working style and lifelong motivation - using creativity to bring out more positive, healing, sustainable, and timeless values by taking inspiration from the Rose Quartz stone and Art Deco style.

I chose serif and script as primary typefaces to show the juxtaposition of my personality: professional, stable, reliable but sensitive, creative, and open-minded.
Color Palette
When I was 18 in 2016, I started to step out of my comfort zone to prove that my passion for creativity was not temporary. I have grown a lot since then, but I still appreciate my old days because these days make my current me.
Coincidently, my primary color choice - Rose Quartz, was one of Pantone colors of the year 2016. To remark on a memorable 2016 milestone, I took the other color - Blue Serenity, as the secondary color and developed a color palette for my branding.

Identity Package
I developed the original logo into decorative patterns by using a simple transform tool. These patterns contribute a lot to the aesthetics of my identity package.
Besides a must-have office kit, I also designed for notebook and tote bag - my indispensable items. The identity package is still developing. Stay tuned for more items ︎

Mockups by CosmoStudio, xvector, Vectonauta, and on Freepik

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