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Fixness Magazine

Editorial Design
Healthy lifestyles have been developed into an everyone culture in Vietnam thanks to the rise of social media. Besides the positive effect, it is noticeable that there are negative aspects of this trend such as producing misconceptions about an ideal look.

Fixness Concept
Fixness is a magazine that highlights needed-to-be-fixed issues in fitness culture.

The emergence of this culture on social media has produced misconceptions about an ideal look for both sexes. Then, it may spread gender bias ideology to a large number of consumers.

Volume 1.1 of Fixness is going to explore the culture through the lens of textual analysis and gender performativity theory and answer the question:

How does the healthy trend perpetuate gender bias?
Magazine Logo
The magazine’s logo is a simple wordmark that combines sans-serif and script typefaces. It depicts the contrary between resistance and vulnerability that can be investigated through this culture.

Using different fonts, these typefaces will also play a main role in the magazine layout design.

Magazine Design
Since this project focus on article writing, I made the layout clean and minimal with line art illustrations.
The color scheme also gives signal about gender stereotype - where pink is told to be associated with the girl and vice versa.

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