365 Days of Femininity

Vector Graphics
This project is an assignment from while I was at RMIT University, where I had to create an alphabet based on real-life objects. And, I  made it to the RMIT Showcase 2021 ︎

During the quarantine time, it was so difficult to go outsides to seek inspiration, so I had to "communicate" with stuff in my bedroom. It sounds weird, but it worked. 

I started to notice some letters appearing on pieces of my clothes and came up with a fresher way of thinking.
After finalizing my concept of a feminity alphabet, I began to "hunt" for letters from my wardrobe to my closet. For some missing letters, I asked my friend for their help.

After collecting the full template of photographs, I developed it into a graphic work based on a consistent minimal style and a pastel color palette.  

The thing that makes me proud the most while working on this project is I have developed my ability to think outsides the box.
I was also allowed to express my feminine aspect without chasing any aesthetic sample from the internet and still get the proud achievement.

Mockups by
︎denamorado, graphiccrew on Freepik
︎Pablo Chico on Dribbles

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